I've been considering becoming homeless, not by chance, but by choice. My inner animal wants out of its cage. It wants to roam, to hunt, to fuck as Gaia intended... to be a creature of the earth.

If I am to liberate myself from the fabrications of society, I must cast off all its chains. Cast off the monetary system. Cast off governmental institutions. Cast off corporate institutions. Cast off institutions. Cast off elitism. Cast off Castes. Cast off society.

What is important in life? Food. Shelter. Love.

Look at me bullshitting profoundity. One of these days I am going to develop a Jesus complex.

Reject Society. Embrace Love.


Blogger Bloody Bonnie said...

I too have considered becoming homeless by choice. Just to see if I could survive.


3/26/2008 01:23:00 PM  

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