Did you hear about the handbook on using women employees? Here are some highlights.

"General experience indicates that "husky" girls - those who are just a little on the heavy side - are more even-tempered and efficient than their underweight sisters." Those bulimic women spend too much time in the bathroom anyway.

"Retain a physician to give each woman you hire a special physical examination - one covering female conditions. This step not only protects the property against the possibilities of lawsuit, but also reveals whether the employee-to-be has any female weaknesses that would make her mentally or physically unfit for the job." Gynecologist???

"Give every girl an adequate number of rest periods during the day. You have to make some allowances for feminine psychology. A girl has more confidence and is more efficient if she can keep her hair tidied, apply fresh lipstick and wash her hands several times a day." Thats unfair treatment. As a man I want an equal amount of break time. We gots to look good too!


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